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B&B vs. Hotel

February 26, 2017

Business travel has afforded me the opportunity to visit some of the best and most undiscovered cities in the country, and because of our experience as owners of a B&B, we have me a sense of travel like few others.

One question that seems to pop up more often than we would have thought is, “what is the difference between a nice hotel and a B&B?”

To many, this question might seem obvious, but to others, to so much, so here is my humble opinion.

When I refer to a hotel, I refer to a higher end hotel. Quite frankly, if you can legitimately compare your B&B to a lower end chain hotel, you need to stay at better B&B’s!

When I traveled for work, I stayed in most of the national chains, and for a business traveler on a tight schedule, this is a great option; the rooms are clean, the amenities consistent, and there are resources for off-hour meals and drinks. Early morning flights or breakfast meetings are favorable for hotel stays.

A premier Bed and Breakfast like The Inn at Onancock offers guests a vastly different experience. This is our home, so welcoming you into it is a trusting and meaningful gesture. As we give you the tour on the way to your room, keep in mind that many of the decorations and furniture have deep family and personal stories behind them. Ask about that; it is a lovely way to get to know the innkeeper better.

That brings up the second and most impactful difference. Here at the inn, every day of your stay we sit together in our living room and share a glass of wine or NA cocktail. This common and comfortable space is something hotels simply can’t offer. Additionally, we have discovered that this is the best part of our day; to sit with interesting people, learn of their history and their day’s events, and share with them a little about us is a warm and personal way to spend time.
Breakfast is another difference.

While many hotels offer a continental or buffet breakfast, our offering is meant to spend a bit of time with newly acquired friends, experience a three-course gourmet breakfast, and to relax into your day.

B&B’s offer homelike common areas and interesting conversations as well as delicious food prepared thoughtfully. If you are in a rush or on a tight schedule, our B&B might not be the best choice, but if you are ready to be warmly welcomed, thoroughly pampered, and offered a refined and relaxing experience, join us here at the inn.

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