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One Way to Spend the Day Here on the Shore

February 16, 2017

During the winter months, some businesses on the eastern shore take a well-deserved break and close more often than they would in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Lounging, reading, watching a movie, snuggling next to the fireplace are all great ways to spend time here at the Inn during the cold months, but there are a ton of other choices!

One way to spend a sunny and chilly afternoon and learn quite a lot about the shore at the same time would be to venture about 20 minutes south of Onancock and experience the offerings of a little village called Machipongo (fun to say and visit!).
Your first stop might be the Barrier Island Center. The small jewel of a museum teaches, in interactive ways, the history of the islands of the shore. A knowledgeable volunteer will walk you through the first bit, then leave you to explore, and will probably offer you the chance to watch a wonderful short film (20-minutes or so) about life on the islands. There is a quaint little gift shop and the admission is free, but a donation is always appreciated.

Just down the street from the BIC is Chatham Vineyards. Whether you stop in for a tour, a tasting, oysters (when available) or cheese plate made with local breads, this small vineyard is well worth a visit. The family-owned business has a welcoming feel to it the instant you. Watch for our specials, which give you the advantage of our partnership.

On the way back to the Inn, a great little spot to stop and grab an afternoon (or morning) coffee or muffin is the Machinpongo Trading Center (still fun to say!). MTC makes a great sandwich and smoothie as well, so whether a morning or afternoon visit, MTC is definitely worth a stop.

Head back to the Inn for a short rest, then join other guests, Kim and me for Wine Down Hour before you start your evening together. For slow season, this makes for a full day and wonderful I@O Experience.

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