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Some guests are just a pain in the….

I wonder if you read on for the same reason so many watch car racing – waiting for the crash, waiting for the scandalous story about what we saw, heard, or experienced with a guest – next time, maybe.

This brief story captures our slogan “Arrive as Guests – Leave as Friends” very well.
I received a call from the husband a few weeks prior to their stay asking for some help putting together a relaxing and memorable weekend for he and his wife, as it was her birthday. She is also training to do a half-length triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run – yikes!). She was in the middle of her training regimen and didn’t want to lose her momentum, so he asked for some help mapping out routes for a 40-mile bike ride for the two of them. Not quite the vacation I would plan for myself, but hey, who am I to judge.

One simple upgrade to my Ride with GPS app and I had a route all mapped out with cue sheets nearly ready.

During Wine Down on the evening they arrive, our conversation naturally went to biking and they learned that I do enjoy road biking – just not at their level. After a little while, and after getting to know one another better, they talked me into joining them! And I don’t even drink!

Morning came, Kim fed them the typical 3-course breakfast, as I stood in the kitchen carbing up and hoping that they would be too full to consider a long ride. No such luck.

I have been on two short rides since moving to the Shore six months ago – and I truly did not want to hold them up in any way. Off we went. I had the rising GPS in my back pocket so I could hear the turning directions. Bad choice – I couldn’t hear anything over my breathing.

We reached an intersection that was not on the cue sheet – after about 3-miles of riding – and after much talk, we turned back to find the correct route. As we peddled along, the GPS makes a gong-sound. I wasn’t sure what it meant, and the triathlete said it is telling you, “you’re awesome!” What a sweet and encouraging thing to say I though, as the peddling went on and the gonging continued.
We stopped to look at the cue sheets again and break out the Google Maps and a woman asked us if we needed directions (welcome to the Eastern Shore!) and she pointed us in the right direction. We needed to find a bathroom before we went on, and this stranger offered her home – no kidding – she let us follow her about ¼ mile back to her house and opened up her bathroom. Remarkable.

Miles led to more miles and at about the 30-mile mark, we arrived in Wachapreague. I offered to buy lunch with hopes that we would fill up and call Kim to come get us the local police were having a private party, so the Island House was closed – ugh.
Back into the saddle with a mere 12 miles home.

The peddling was less enjoyable during this stretch and these two slowed down and talked with me as we headed back – with only one wrong turn – GONG!

This day was memorable for me because I rode farther than I ever had before (44.1 miles), I experienced the Eastern Shore like very few do, and I made friends with a couple who I hope are in our lives for decades to come.

Arrive as Guests – Leave as Friends.

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