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Riverside Hospital is Amazing!

We stopped in to visit and tour the Riverside Hospital campus that is opening on February 25, 2017 and we were very, very impressed.
Having recently relocated from the Boston area, where health care is arguably the best in the world – and, having had experienced that healthcare as a patient more times than I would care to admit, we were ready to smile politely and walk quickly through the newly constructed corridors. What we saw, and who we spoke with blew us away!

First and foremost, the professionals who took time out of their weekend to give public tours were wonderfully personable and exceptionally knowledgeable. More importantly, though, each and every person, from the cleaning crew to the administration beamed with pride. We toured every available department and learned a lot, but were truly awestricken with the team.

The technological advances made us feel ancient! From the wand-controlled surgical lights in the mother-baby suite, to the baby locators with lockdown capabilities, to the surgical suites with cameras, lighting, and incredible adaptability, all the way to the liquid waste management system – each and every piece of equipment dropped our jaws and sparked our enthusiasm.

One of the more noticeable aspects of the design of the hospital is the thoughtfulness behind the design itself. As the processes were described and the patient flow was outlined, it is evident that the architects used the knowledge and experience of the staff here as well as other recently constructed facilities. The details put into place to protect and care for the patient are evident throughout.

This facility certainly outpaces the hospitals in Boston. We left Riverside captivated with the people, the design, and the technology, and we left grateful for having this amazing resource here in Onancock.

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