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Deeply Interesting

February 12, 2017

Every now and then, we all make a decision that feels right from beginning to end. Our decision to make the shift from serving as nonprofit executives in Boston to serving guests at a boutique B&B on the eastern shore of Virginia is one of those decisions. We made it at a time when everything was going well in our lives, but we simply knew that we have been called to more than earning money to live in a nice house that we had to earn a lot of money to support. That circular reference was fulfilling at times, and very tiring during many other times. We decided to step away from the rat race during our peak earning years and, honestly, we have not looked back – not even once!

We know we made the right choice each and every time we sit and get to know a little about the people who are guests at our inn.

The most consistent adjective we use when we talk about our guests with each other or with our friends and family is “interesting.” Each day at the inn, before the evening begins and dinner reservations are met, the guests and the innkeepers sit together and share freshly created hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine (beer, or custom made NA drink of the month). During that time together, we get to know a little of each person’s story. Those stories have been diverse and colorful, they have been funny and personal, and they have been genuine.

We have met and completely enjoyed conversations with business leaders and house husbands, with retired military and couples just starting out. We have laughed over dog stories and celebrated the triumphs of children and grandchildren. We have learned of family histories and artists’ motivation. Our guests have spanned generations and professions, and all have been deeply interesting.

Come back to our I@O Experiences blog and hear about our experiences as residents and innkeepers on the eastern shore, learn about the varied areas of interest and activities in the area, and meet some of the people who make the Inn at Onancock Experience interesting from beginning to end.

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