The Inn at Onancock Onancock: The Heart of The Shore – The Inn at Onancock

Onancock: The Heart of The Shore

If you look at a map, you easily see that Onancock is in the geographic center of The Shore; the heart. It is a great base-camp for experiencing Onancock and its art, dining, and historical riches. It is also central to other popular Shore destinations like Chincoteague and Cape Charles.

What I mean by the “Heart of the Shore” is more meant to describe the “soul” of the town, if you will, rather than mere geography.

When we first moved here a few years ago from a larger Northeast market, we expected a slower pace. We found that. When we think about our expectations of our neighbors and the community (both civic and business), we didn’t really have any hard expectations, but we assumed a bit of southern charm. We found that in ways that dwarfed any image we brought with us.
The first weekend we ventured out of the house was the kickoff to Christmas Homes Tour 2016. It was like being transported back in time to Mayberry! Santa arrived on a boat with nine paddling reindeer, there was a parade with every piece of emergency and agricultural equipment imaginable, and the streets teemed with proud residents and curious onlookers, like us.

We then realized that running simple errands took far more time because people actually stop to talk. The bank tellers got to know us and our dog, the check-out team at the grocery store soon became friendly, neighbors stop us on the street to simply chat and learn more about us, and drivers in passing cars wave.

When we say that Onancock is the heart of the Shore, sure it is in the middle and gives easy access to everything, but it is also the heart and soul of the Shore. You just must experience this!

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